2017 Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival has to be one of my favorite events in the city. Imagine enjoying samples of some of the most amazing food and cocktails AND being able to eat and drink as much as you can stand? Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. The Atlanta Food & Wine festival was created 10 years ago by local entrepreneurs Elizabeth Feichter and Dominique Love…God bless them.

This four-day annual event is about more than just filling your belly. You also get a chance to expand your knowledge of Southern regional cuisine while you expand your palette. Numerous classes are offered along with seminars and panel discussions with experts from the food and wine industries. And of course, there are many dining events and the famous Tasting Tents (my favorite part).

One day, when I grow up, I’ll have a chance to enjoy the Connoisseur Experience. This includes a special Connoisseur Lounge where breakfast and lunch is served, a special dinner, exclusive cooking demonstrations, and food and beverage service during class intermissions. So fancy…

If you haven’t had a chance to attend, I highly recommend it–even if you’re not in the Peach state.

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