SPOTLITE: Red Phone Booth — An Atlanta Prohibition Experience

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I love finding unique experiences around the city. And the one I’m sharing with you here may be one of the most exclusive. It’s Red Phone Booth, a chic speakeasy that gives guests a taste of the prohibition experience.

Old Fashioned

We’re too young to have lived through the Prohibition era in the US, between 1920 and 1933. Can you imagine not being able to purchase alcohol? It scares me to think of a world without alcohol! You all know how much I love my cocktails. But there were people who felt like me and decided they couldn’t go without liquor. Places called speakeasies (other names are blind pig or blind tiger) were created, and alcohol was sold in these illicit establishments. There were folks that were willing to break the law just so they could enjoy their favorite libations, and allow others to enjoy them as well. They’re pretty much my kind of people.

So, when I heard that there was a place in Atlanta giving all the retro speakeasy feels, I was so excited to check it out. Remember the speakeasy in East Andrews Entertainment District, aptly named Prohibition? Red Phone Booth has been brought to us by the same owners. I loved Prohibition, so I was happy to find out that the popular speakeasy was back and better than ever.

First, as the name suggests, you enter the speakeasy through an unsuspecting London-style phone booth. You must dial the secret number in order to gain access.

Red Phone Booth

But once you cross the threshold, you are transported to the Roaring 20s. Take a moment to admire the ambiance. My eyes went directly to that beautiful honey onyx bar.

Honey Onyx Bar
Photo courtesy of Red Phone Booth

But I also noticed the attention to detail–the Italian leather couches were inviting, and the dark brick floors made me feel warm (or maybe that was thanks to the gorgeous fireplace).

Italian leather couch
Photo courtesy of Red Phone Booth

I grabbed a seat at the bar and perused the menu. I love a good Old Fashioned, so I just had to try the Smoke Old Fashioned–which is also the most popular cocktail. Once I saw the amount of time, skill, and effort that went into simply creating this drink, I could see why it’s #1. Watching the process was a delight in itself. I’d describe it for you, but I think you should go and see (and taste) for yourself. The bartenders are absolutely amazing. They play such an important role in the Red Phone Booth experience.

Photo courtesy of Red Phone Booth

Speaking of bartenders, I had the pleasure of meeting Bob Ruede, Creative Loafing’s Best Bartender/Mixologist. And I totally understand how he received this distinction. Bob instantly won me over with his charm and bartending skills. I could hang out at the bar for hours, enjoying cocktails and chatting with him. He did his research before I arrived and found out about my past as a Sewcialite, so I’m glad to have a new friend to talk about all things sewing-related (he customizes his snazzy outfits)…and a friend that makes the best Vieux Carré.



Red Phone Booth offers more than just luxurious libations. You can enjoy some delicious food while you’re there. We had a pie from Amalfi Pizza, which is upstairs and also owned by the same great folks that have brought us Red Phone Booth. Bob ordered us the Diavola pizza, Carnavale style. A friend told me that Amalfi Pizza was the best in the city. I completely agree. They also offer fresh seafood options, carpaccio, beef tenderloin, and house-made desserts.

Amalfi Pizza


Of course, Red Phone Booth is also a cigar bar. Cigar enthusiasts will appreciate the humidor selection of over 100+ options, and the inventory is constantly updated. If you aren’t a fan of cigars or cigar smoke, I’ll have to note that the smoke is not overwhelming at all. I’ve been to other cigar bars, and spent days trying to remove the smell from my clothes and hair afterwards. Red Phone Booth makes air quality a top priority, and has gone great lengths to ensure all patrons have a pleasant experience.

Photo courtesy of Red Phone Booth

“Pleasant experience” would actually be an understatement. My first visit to Red Phone Booth was an experience I’ll never forget. And to be honest, the visits I’ve had since then have been nothing but spectacular. Red Phone Booth has become a must-do in Atlanta. Please support this innovative concept! I might share the secret phone number with you…but only if you invite me to join you.

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