Do’s and Don’ts When Attending Le Diner en Blanc

So, I just attended the 2017 Le Diner en Blanc in my hometown of Charleston, SC. Of course, I had am amazing time. Because so many cities will be hosting this year’s DEBs soon, I thought I’d share a few tips as you prepare to dine and party in all white.


DO use the most lightweight items you can find

DEB is BYOE–Bring Your Own Everything, even the table and chairs you and your guest will use. Can you imagine wearing your finest all-white outfit while lugging furniture to the secret location, which may be a 15-minute walk from your group’s meeting place? I have to admit, the idea of bringing everything to the event made me a bit hesitant to attend at first. But those gorgeous photos and videos made me reconsider. So, I made it a point to find the most portable items I could. I suggest you do the same. I’m all for a pre-dinner workout and all, but you have to draw the line somewhere. Sweat stains on white ain’t cute.

Ladies, you should also bring a pair of flats to wear while walking. You can break out the heels later.

DO a trial run with your table and decorations before the event

Make sure you know how to assemble your table, chairs, and decorations if necessary before you arrive at the secret location. The faster you set up, the sooner you can enjoy the festivities.

DO attend DEBs in other cities if you can

Although I live in Atlanta, I went to the Charleston DEB as I mentioned above. Several people seated around me traveled from other cities for the event. I think attending DEB outside of your current town gives you an opportunity to experience that city in a different way than you would otherwise. Plus, it’s always fun to see what’s chosen as the secret location.


DON’T miss the deadline for the eStore

If you plan on purchasing wine, champagne, or other items that are available in the eStore, do so before the cutoff date. There were a good number of attendees scrambling to buy wine bottles from folks who couldn’t attend anymore. Many locations don’t allow alcohol to be purchased at the event itself. So, if wine is important to you, make sure you buy what you need while you have the chance. And if you can, buy a little more than you think you’ll need.

DON’T skimp on your table decor

I’ve seen some pretty amazing tables at DEB. Admittedly, I got sidetracked with a lot of other things prior to this year’s DEB (like getting this blog up and running), so I didn’t put much thought into our table decorations. And of course, I was embarrassed when I saw the gorgeous centerpieces and lights on everyone else’s tables. Start grabbing cool or interesting items whenever you come across them so you don’t forget when DEB rolls around.

DON’T bring foods that are particularly messy

I’m surprised that so many attendees chose foods that can easily stain their clothing. Hello, we’re wearing all white everything! It’s best to err on the side of caution and include foods that aren’t so messy, just in case. You want to stand out for your fabulous ensemble, not because you’ve got marinara sauce on your skirt. If you’re truly hangry and have a hankering for something saucy, at least wait until after the event is over to feed your face. **I always remember to bring an instant stain remover stick with me, just in case.

If you’ve attended DEB previously, what Do’s and Don’ts would you share?

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