FLIP Burger Boutique’s Atlanta Summer Menu

FLIP Burger Boutique will always hold a special place in my foodie heart. It’s the first place I ever had fried pickles and decadent milkshakes–both of which have become staples in my diet (sorry, waistline). It’s also the first restaurant I visited that touted burgers made with unique ingredients…no more boring burgers for this chick! So when I was invited to check out some of FLIP Burger Boutique’s new Atlanta summer menu items at their West Midtown location, I was already certain that several of those items would be life-changing. And I was right on the money.

I joined several of Atlanta’s biggest bloggers and influencers for lunch on a sunny Saturday afternoon. We brought our cameras and our appetites in anticipation. Take a look at what we sampled:

Plantain Chips

Served with chimchurri and dusted with cinnamon sugar

These were a good way to get the party started. We shared plates of plantains among small sections of our large group, which made for automatic interaction with our table mates. The sprinkle of sugar on these babies gave a hint of sweetness to the appetizer, and I loved the slight crunch with each bite.

Caprese Burger

Angus beef, basil pesto, fresh mozzarella, heirloom tomato, balsamic reduction, and micro basil

I love all things caprese, so I knew this would be a fave. It wasn’t my favorite of the day (that’s coming up in a bit), but it was good. I could really taste the freshness of the ingredients here.

Braised Pork Belly

Served with teriyaki-glazed brussel kimchi and toasted sesame seeds

You can’t go wrong when you order braised pork belly. This is one of the dishes that I tried not to devour entirely because I knew we had several more items to eat. One of the influencers in attendance, Billy, gave a nearby table a sample of the pork belly. And we watched as they fought over who’d get the last little piece. Yep, it was that serious.


Japanese Kibe (grade A5), smoked gouda, bacon jam, swiss chard, quail egg, smoke mayo. Check out the parm truffle fries that we munched on, too.

I’ve wanted to try a burger with a fried egg on it, but never ordered one while I was dining out. The A5 has made me a believer this combo. The smoked gouda and bacon combined with the egg and Kobe beef gave me all the feels. A+ for the A5 burger.

Vietnamese Chicken Wings

Glazed with tamri garlic , sambal, cilantro, and honey

The sweet and spicy combo of Far East flavors was a hit. I could munch on these all day, every day. If you’re trying to be cute, let me warn you–these are a lil sticky. But that’s what makes ’em finger-lickin’ good.


Buttermilk battered Caribbean Butterfish, mango salsa, iceberg lettuce, and cajun mayo

Honestly, I’d never heard of butterfish before trying it at FLIP Burger Boutique. I also didn’t think this would be my favorite item of the day…I mean, it’s fish at a burger restaurant. Fortunately, I keep an open mind and totally am okay with picking this baby as my favorite. The flavors of this dish whisked me away to the islands. The batter on the fish was perfect. And the mango salsa was refreshing. I think I could order this any time I want to feel like I’m getting away from it all.

Pork Belly

Angus beef topped with braised pork belly, teriyaki sauce, brussel kimchi, and lotus root

Last, but certainly not least, was the Pork Belly Burger. This sweet and savory burger was worth the wait. The pork belly and brussel kimchi from earlier hooked up with a juicy beef patty and I totally support their relationship.

FLIP Burger Boutique has somehow managed to make their menu even better than it was before. With a variety of international flavors and sweet treats, they’re serving up something to satisfy everyone’s palate. It’s definitely not your average burger joint, so be sure to stop by!

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