Re2errection – Charity Fashion Show

I attended this amazing fashion show a few weeks ago, hosted by the Goodwill of North Georgia & The2econdFloor.

The concept? Super talented designers take whatever they can find in local Goodwill stores, then transform those items into amazingly fashionable attire. And at the end of the night, all of the pieces from the show are auctioned off. The proceeds help Goodwill meet its mission to provide even more career opportunities for people in our communities. Talk about a win-win situation.

I wish I was able to get good pictures of all of the designs. I also wish I could fit the small sizes so I could rock some of those items.

But the most amazing one of the evening was scored by my dear friend. Just take a look and get your life…


You won’t believe what designer Sir Algernon used to create this fabulous dress.


Yes, those are THROW PILLOWS! I told Sir Algernon that it wasn’t Throwback Thursday, it was Throw Pillow Thursday instead. Incredible…

I wanted to participate in the auction, although I couldn’t fit into any of the clothing designs. So I went for one of the handbags and won.


Meanwhile, I stuck to my usual talent–keeping a drink in my hand.


Take a look at all of the other fabulous designs here on The 2econd Floor’s Facebook page.

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